Safety is Paramount

Earlier this summer Alberta Sheriffs seized a truck carrying a wide load after receiving multiple calls from other drivers who were concerned the truck may lose its load. The truck was driving on the Queen Elizabeth II highway just south of Red Deer when it was pulled over along with its single-pilot car. Citing concerns over lack of proper lights and signage on both the truck and escort vehicle along with low visibility due to a summer storm the Sheriffs escorted the vehicles off the highway. Once the truck was safely in a Red Deer industrial area they discovered that neither of the drivers had an operator’s license nor registration and neither vehicle was insured at the time, adding to an already dangerous situation. This incident resulted in 40 charges being laid against the drivers. Read more about the incident.


At Headwater Transportation, we consider safety paramount. When you hire us for your oil field transportation needs you can be sure that all our drivers are required to go through safety training and all of our trucks are regularly inspected and always insured. We pride ourselves on our risk management abilities and impeccable safety record. Contact us to learn more about our safety protocols.