Distracted Driving Tickets: Makes it hard to get hard to get insurance in Alberta

Old Style Ticket

Old Style Ticket

Professional Drivers need to steer clear of Distracted Driving Tickets.  It's likely only a matter of time before a ticket like this could disqualify you from Driving as the insurance companies are all moving to reduce the risk.  

The following is an excerpt from a CBC Edmonton article:

Albertans with distracted driving convictions are finding it increasingly difficult to get full insurance coverage at reasonable rates, insurance brokers tell CBC News.

Edmonton driver got a distracted driving ticket last year. 

When he and his wife approached an insurance company earlier this month to renew their insurance, they were told no companies were willing to offer them comprehensive and collision insurance. 

"Sorry, I don't have any other options with that conviction," broker said in a message "Companies are really cracking down on distracted driving. I even called a couple to see if they would bend and none of them will."

 Insurance company declined to comment on the situation.


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