Distance and Safety Communications

Messaging with the times

Messaging with the times

Drivers spread across North America represent a particular challenge to Safety Professionals that are trying to build a sense of safety culture within an organization.  Faced with this task many companies have resorted to remote monitoring. 

Sensors in trucks that monitor driver behavior through the machines themselves.  Not exactly a something that makes a person feel a part of something.  Administrators, no matter how gifted in conversation, spend a good deal of time discussing the properties of driver performance as measured. It gets pretty cold out there. 

The question for Headwater is what is the means by which we can overcome the distance and bring culture to the drivers. Attitude shapes safety performance.  Building Professional Drivers in a system in which they find themselves is the objective. Safety Performance on the ground is the measure. Safety performance when no one is watching is the objective. Values consistently communicated is key.

So we move with the times...